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Family Ties at Quincy House

Massachusetts: Metro Boston


Everyone has a history worth recording. Family Ties provides students with the tools to tell their stories. During their visit, students learn about Eliza Susan Quincy, who documented her family’s history using a variety of methods. Students learn how to conduct oral history interviews, examine historical documents, objects, and photographs, and design a personal monogram. Back in the classroom, students apply these techniques to make family albums that chronicle their own families' pasts and record daily lives.

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Weekdays, Fall and Spring
2.5 hours
Grades 4 - 6
Max. 50 students per program


  • Up to 14 students: $100
  • 15 - 29 students: $175
  • 20 - 45 students: $275
  • 46 - 50 students: $6 for each additional student


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Field Trips

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Family Ties at Quincy House