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Curriculum Links for Quincy Revolution

Quincy Revolution: A Family Divided
Quincy House: Quincy, Massachusetts

Connections to Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks

History and Social Science (August 2003 version)

Concepts and Skills 1,2,3

Learning Standards: S.11, S.15, S.18

View full frameworks from Massachusetts Department of Education


English Language Arts and Literacy: Grade 5 (adopted March 2011, page numbers from Common Core pdf. linked to below)

  • Reading Standards for Informational Text

3, 6, (pg. 14)

  • Reading Standards: Foundational Skills

3, 4 (pg. 17)

  • Writing Standards

10 (pg. 21)

  • Speaking and Listening Standards

1 (pg. 24)

  • Language Standards

3 (pg. 29)


View full Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy

Curriculum Links for Quincy Revolution