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Classic Times: Pompeii through Today

Massachusetts: Metro Boston


Classic Times introduces students to the classical motifs used in the architecture of ancient Rome, post-revolutionary Boston, and our own era. Students first learn the elements of classical design, and then go on a scavenger hunt inside the Otis House Museum to identify classical motifs in their historic setting. Students also make architectural elements in a plaster workshop, study and sketch neo-classical architecture on Beacon Hill, discover motifs on skyscrapers, and participate in a final quiz show that reinforces the day's activities.

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Weekdays, Year round
4 hours
Grades 4 - 8
Max: 50 Students

  • Up to 14 students: $150
  • 15 - 29 students: $225
  • 20 - 45 students: $350
  • 46 - 50 students: $9.50 for each additional student





Type of Program:
Field Trips

Related Topics:
Archaeology, Architecture, Colonial Life, Revolutionary Period

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Telephone:(617) 994-5939

Classic Times: Pompeii through Today