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Rally 'Round the Flag


Program to Go at your site


What was life like during the Civil War? If you were a soldier, how did you spend your day? How did troops communicate?

These hands-on programs bring Civil War history to life at our site or at your school. Students use their inquisitiveness and historical thinking skills to enter the past and gain a deeper understanding of the Civil War. Students can learn signal wig-wag, drill in the infantry or artillery, build a pontoon bridge, practice the skills of the hospital corps, question a Civil War soldier, learn codes and ciphers, and more.

Choose one or more components. Combine 4-6 components for an all-day Civil War program:

Anti-Slavery Debate

Civil War Soldier

Signal Corps: CommunicationClick image for more details

Codes and Ciphers                                             

Artillery Corps: Math on Target                                                                       

Engineer Corps: Team Building through Bridge Building

Hospital Corps

Letters From (and To) Home

Drill, Drill, Drill

The Civil War Game (test your knowledge)


Year round, Weekdays
1 component = 1 class period
Grades 3-9


  • Up to 2 components: $4 per student
  • Half-Day Program (3-4 components): $500
  • Full Day Program (5-6 components, up to 200 students): $900


Please contact us to design a program specifically for your students.

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Type of Program:
Field Trips, Programs to Go, Summer Programs, After School, Scouts

Related Topics:
Slavery and Civil War

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Rally 'Round the Flag