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The Anti-Slavery Debates


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Could you speak out against slavery if it meant risking your livelihood, your position in the community or even your life? In 1850, pressured to support the Fugitive Slave Law or lose customers, Woodstock native Henry C. Bowen, a wealthy merchant, newspaper publisher, and abolitionist, faced this challenge. His response was to state that his goods were for sale but not his principles. In a program led by museum staff playing the roles of an Abolitionist and a slave owner, students role-play the men and women who spoke out for and against slavery in a recreation of an anti-slavery meeting. A program binder that contains multi-disciplinary pre- and post-visit activities that utilize primary documents is available to prepare students for and sum up this program.

This program can be presented as an assembly to larger groups.

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Year round, Weekdays
1 hour or 1 class period
Middle School
Cost: $4 per student


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Field Trips, Programs to Go, Summer Programs, After School, Scouts

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The Anti-Slavery Debates