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The Anti-Slavery Debates
Could you speak out against slavery if it meant risking your livelihood, your position in the community or even your life? In a program led by museum staff playing the roles of an Abolitionist and a slave owner, students role-play the men and women who spoke out for and against slavery in a recreation of an anti-slavery meeting.
Through a Child's Eyes
Explore the Bowen's Victorian household to learn about life in the second half of the 19th century from the perspective of the ten children who lived at Roseland Cottage.
Period Pastimes
What did children play 100 years ago? What was childhood like in Colonial America? In this hands-on program students learn about childhood and the popular leisure activities of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Rally 'Round the Flag
What was life like during the Civil War? If you were a soldier, how did you spend your day? How did troops communicate? These hands-on programs bring Civil War history to life at our site or at your school. Students use their inquisitiveness and critical thinking skills to enter the past and gain a deeper understanding of the Civil War.
What Is It?
Students use critical thinking to identify everyday objects found in colonial American homes. They compare these objects to items in their own households.
Curriculum Links
Sample Primary Sources
Primary Sources
In this program, students learn to identify primary and secondary source material and practice using the resources to understand the people and events of the past.