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Childhood Stories

Childhood storiesAt Christmas in 1984, Geoffrey Lindsay interviewed his aunt Amelia Little, who was then in her nineties. He wanted to know more about what it was like for her growing up at what is now known as the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm, one of Historic New England’s properties in Newbury, Massachusetts. Below you will find portions of the interview.

Geoffrey: It would be nice to know a little more about the people that lived here…
Amelia: Well, my grandmother was the elderly woman. Her husband had died when he was in middle age. Her two sons lived here with their wives.  My father was the second son, Daniel Noyes Little, and his wife Amelia Bradley –died when I was 10.  So my spinster aunt, Eliza Little, really brought me up from then on.  And even earlier, because my mother was ill for two or three years.

Geoffrey: Were they practical jokers, serious people?
Amelia: They were not practical jokers.  Uncle Ned, Agnes’ father, was the one who made most of us children, I mean petting the children (?) and taking them out and all that.  My father was more reserved and he went his own way, more or less.  I always admired and loved him, but Uncle Ned would spend more time.  …At the end of haying season…we always went on some special expedition.  He took all the children for a day’s outing…

After reading this, think about what kinds of questions you can ask older members of your family to learn about their lives as children.

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Childhood Stories