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Group Portraits

Group portraits

This group portrait was taken in 1903 at the Codman Estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts. While everyone in the photo, except Watson Tyler, the man on the right, lived at the Codman Estate, none of them were part of the Codman family.

Who do you think they might have been?

They were all servants at the Codman Estate. The three women on the left are wearing uniforms. They were probably cooks and servants who had a variety of duties like serving meals. The woman farthest to the right is Marie Reine Lucas. The Codmans hired her as a nurse for their children when they were living in France, and she moved with them when they returned to the United States.  The man is Watson Tyler. He came to the United States from Canada in 1870 and worked as the Codmans' driver for at least twenty-five years.

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Group Portraits