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ScrapbooksAntoinette Louise Pierce lived from 1863 to 1937 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  Throughout her life she kept scrapbooks.  She saved documents about her family history and newspaper clippings about local and national history. She also kept recipes, card game instructions, programs from the theater, and knitting patterns, which give us clues about her hobbies and personal interests.

This document is from a page in Antoinette's scrapbook from 1881, the year she graduated from Dorchester High School.  It is a very fashionable ball gown, known then as a "Ladies' Reception Toilette.” 

How does this gown compare to dress styles of today?

What kinds of things could you include in your own scrapbook to show some of your hobbies or personal interests? 

What important things have happened in your family that you want to remember? 

How could you document some important events that have happened around the world, in our nation, or even in your hometown?