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AutobiographiesEdward A. Bowen published his book Lineage of the Bowens of Woodstock, Connecticut in 1897.  In his preface, he writes "This volume is the result of a curiosity to know something of my Bowen ancestry."  Edward spoke with family members and historians, researched documents and records, and was able to follow his family's journey from Wales, Great Britain in the 1500s to New York City in the 1890s.

This is what he has to say about his own life:


Edward Augustus Bowen was born in Brooklyn January 31, 1847.  He was educated at the same schools his elder brother attended.

In February, 1864, he entered the employ of Messrs. Fitch, Estee & Co., stationers, 3 Park Place, New York city.  He remained with them a year, and then left to accept a position in the office of Robinson & Ogden, brokers, 4 Broad Street.  After having been with this firm a year he was offered a clerkship in the New York city offices of Messrs. Jay Cooke & Co., bankers, corner of Wall and Nassau streets.  He began his duties the first day that Jay Cooke & Co. opened their New York office for business.  He remained with this firm nearly three years, and left to become a member of the firm of Smith, Seaver & Bowen, stock brokers, 8 Broad Street.  At the end of a year he withdrew from the firm, having joined his father and brother in the purchase of "The Brooklyn Daily Union" newspaper. 

In the autumn of 1873 he sold his interest in "The Union," and shortly after bought a place of about five acres in Woodstock, Conn., where he spent several summers; his winters were spent in the counting-rooms of "The Independent," New York city.  After his father purchased the Bowen homestead of Capt. Andrew W. Bowen, he carried on that farm for four or five years.

Bowen, Edward Augustus.  Lineage of the Bowens of Woodstock, Connecticut.  Riverside Press; Cambridge; 1897.

What aspects of your life would you write about in an autobiography?

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