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Contents : Volume 53, Number 191
Winter, 1963
The Art of Richard Greenough
While his "Franklin" is considered to mark the pinnacle of Richard Greenough's career, the sculptor is an artist who certainly deserves to be remembered for his work. Growing up in the shadow of his older brother, sculptor Horatio Greenough, Richard carved out his own niche of well-crafted busts and reliefs. Although his work is sometimes overlooked, Thomas Brumba argues it still deserves proper recognition.
An Early Well House, Sturbridge, Massachusetts
While early houses are well documented through historical records, diaries and even many still-standing examples, many accessory buildings are neglected. Privvies, smoke houses and well houses were rarely recognized in records, and because of their gradual disuse are now rare in their original form. A well house in Sturbridge, Mass., while not on its original foundations, provides welcome insight for historical home enthusiasts.
Yankee Pluck at Bird Island Light
William S. Moore is one of the people who have shaped American history, yet has fallen through the cracks. His letter, published here, reflects a smart man who presented forward-thinking ideas to the U.S. patent office.