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Own a Masterwork


ABOVE & BELOW  Two of the many fine works available as archival-quality reproductions.

The painting over the mantelpiece, Michele Felice Cornè's Ezekiel Hersey Derby Farm, one of the most popular works of art in Historic New England's collection, can now be yours. We have received innumerable requests for reproductions suitable for framing from people who have seen it on exhibition or on the cover of our historic color chart. The bucolic scene shows the New England countryside on a glorious summer day. Cornè depicts the farm in extraordinary detail—the buildings (recently updated by the Salem architect Samuel McIntire), the corn crop, stone walls, laborers preparing a field for planting, an orchard, and a summer house crowning a distant hill.

Thanks to state-of-the-art giclée technology, high-quality reproductions of this painting and many other works, including maritime subjects, folk art, portraits, and historic images from our Library and Archives, are now available online from Historic New England's newest licensee, LookClick-Print. The giclée process (named after the French word gicler, to spurt) produces extremely high-resolution digital prints on 100% cotton-rag, acid-free fine art paper or canvas. The resolution of a giclée print is so high that it provides continuous tone—not the combination of dots used for other reproductions—resulting in an image as close as possible to the original work. The colors are closely matched to the original for accuracy. Under normal conditions, a giclée print will not yellow or fade for seventy-five to a hundred years.

Ready-to-frame prints may be ordered in a range of sizes, with the price varying according to the size and whether paper or canvas is desired. For example, a 9" x 12" giclée on paper costs $70, while one on canvas measuring 30" by 40" costs $615. Handsomely framed to complement your decor, these giclée prints can bring museum-quality images into your home to be enjoyed for generations.

-Carol Bruce
Retail Operations Manager

For more information, to see the entire selection of images, or to place an order, please visit:, then click on the Historic New England listing. Historic New England receives royalties and referral fees for all images sold on the LookClickPrint website, which help support our mission. Click here for more on Michele Felice Cornè.

Own a Masterwork