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The SPNEA Book Prize

In 1994, SPNEA established a book prize to honor the book or exhibition catalogue that best illuminates a subject related to its spheres of interest-the architecture, material culture, and historic landscapes of New England. These eight prize-winning books all make lively and informative reading and merit a place in the library of everyone who seeks to enrich his or her understanding of the region.

2001 winner. A Building History of Northern New England. James L. Garvin. HC, $35, SC $19.95. A book about understanding old buildings, this is the first and only full-scale technical and stylistic analysis of two hundred years of architectural evolution in northern New England.

2000 winner. Hands on the Land: A History of the Vermont Landscape. Jan Albers. HC, $35. This book examines the history-natural, environmental, social, and ultimately human-of one of the country's most cherished landscapes.

1999 winner. Reclaiming the Commons: Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town. Brian Donahue. HC, $30. A lively account of a community working to combat suburban sprawl, protect a large part of the landscape as common land, and enjoy the land productively in an ecologically sustainable way.

1998 winner. Boston's "Changeful Times": Origins of Preservation and Planning in America. Michael Holleran. HC, $39.95. An excellent exploration of the evolution of the historic preservation movement in Boston and the United States.

1997 winner. Living Architecture: A Biography of H.H. Richardson. James F. O'Gorman, photographs by Cervin Robinson. HC, $50. This splendidly illustrated book captures the human side of a larger- than-life genius.

1996 winner. Colt: The Making of an American Legend. William Hosley. SC, $29.95. Blending biography, social and cultural history, and material culture, this book is a vivid portrait of an age.

1995 winner. Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900. Joan Severa. HC, $60. A visual analysis of the dress of middle-class Americans.

1994 winner. How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They're Built. Stewart Brand. SC, $27. A thought-provoking exploration of building design and how some buildings survive by being adaptable.

Key: HC = hard cover SC = soft cover.

These books may all be ordered from SPNEA; please call (617) 227-3957, ext. 237 or visit SPNEA's website, SPNEA members receive a ten percent discount. Prices do not include tax, postage, or handling.

The SPNEA Book Prize