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From the Chair

As the new Chair of the Board, I am eager for the opportunity to repay this multifaceted institution for the many ways it has enhanced my life.

SPNEA has shown me, and through me, my children, that by preserving, conserving, and understanding our collective past we can find a sense of place and a more meaningful future. Each visit to an SPNEA property or exploration of its collections through exhibitions or programs brings a new insight into New England culture and enlightening stories of its people.

This issue of Historic New England highlights two areas of SPNEA’s unique strength and expertise. The SPNEA Stewardship Program, celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, has quietly become a powerful presence in New England by offering an alternate form of preservation to ensure that important community assets remain unchanged. SPNEA’s Library and Archives houses a vast collection of photographs, architectural drawings,ephemera, and other visual materials, many of which document ways of life that no longer exist. Annually, thousands of researchers use the Archives, but it is just as exciting for those of us who are not academics or authors.

SPNEA’s efforts to preserve and share New England are important to people across the nation and the world. I encourage you to support these efforts to preserve New England’s stories by making a gift to the annual fund. We will benefit, our children will benefit and our community will benefit. Thank you for your support.

—Janina Longtine, M.D.

From the Chair