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Winter 2001

Caring for Your Antique Furniture
The best way to protect your antique wooden furniture is to wax it once a year. A good wax polish applied to an object with an intact and stable varnish layer will enhance its sheen, protect against abrasive scratches, and improve its ability to repel moisture.
Owners and SPNEA: Partners in Preservation
All across NewEngland committed individuals work to preserve the region's architectural heritage. Our perception of New England as a place is closely tied to history and historic buildings. Yet New England's architectural record is increasingly threatened by demolition or insensitive alteration.
Xanadu in Connecticut
A gift of architectural drawings and family photographs chronicles the creation of a Connecticut country house and the lives of those who lived there over four generations.
Set for the Occasion
SPNEA's Lyman Estate, The Vale, in Waltham, Massachusetts, is one of the last surviving examples of the great country estates that lay on the outskirts of Boston in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
From the Chair
As the new Chair of the Board, I am eager for the opportunity to repay this multifaceted institution for the many ways it has enhanced my life. SPNEA has shown me, and through me, my children, that by preserving, conserving, and understanding our collective past we can find a sense of place and a more meaningful future.
Winter Splendor
There is no more beautiful sight around Boston than that of The Vale camellias in the splendor of their greenhouse on a snowy day in early February. The large specimens of Camellia japonica, some over a hundred years old and as tall as fifteen feet, are descendants of plants propagated and grown in pots in the nursery gardens of the seaport towns of China and Japan.
Paper Quilts
Holiday time--gifts are opened, ribbons and wrappings scattered, someone starts to clean up. Wait--don't throw away that gift wrap, save it to make a paper quilt. Children love this craft project, which will occupy them happily while dinner is being prepared.
Wallpaper Online
Technology plays a key role in SPNEA's mission to make its collections accessible. Every piece of wallpaper in SPNEA's nationally significant holding of historic wallpapers is currently being catalogued and digitally photographed for interactive web pages, scheduled to go online at SPNEA's website,, next year.
News New England and Beyond
Short news items from Historic New England Magazine.
Man at Work
Portraits of craftsmen in their working clothes, especially paintings, are rare and serve as important documents of early American industries. Only a few others are known, such as John Singleton Copley's famous portrait of Paul Revere contemplating the decoration of a silver tea pot.
Winter 2001