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Winter 2000

Henry Bowen's Parterre
In 1850, when Henry Bowen began to lay out the gardens at Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut, the old straight lines of colonial days had begun to bend, and the curving line triumphed. Instead of the usual center line is a curiously curved oval, long and dominant, planted with brilliant red geraniums surrounded by low bright green boxwood.
Great Expectations
Two hundred years ago, the country town of New Ipswich stood poised on the crest of a growing economy. The second New Hampshire turnpike was opening up the region as a commercial center. Small businesses and textile mills, evidence of the new republic's infant industries, were springing up along the banks of the Souhegan River.
From Antique to Reproduction: Recreating the Past, Piece by Piece
From furniture, fabric, wallpaper, and rugs, to jewelry, prints, and decorative accessories, SPNEA's Historic New England collection reproduces hundreds of objects from the museum's collection. These branded products are carried internationally in fine furniture and gift stores. How does it all happen?
Q and A
Answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.
Scrapbook House
In the second half of the nineteenth century, parents and children sometimes amused themselves by making scrapbook houses. SPNEA's Library and Archives has some of these in its collection, made of images cut from magazines and catalogs and glued along with paper and fabric scraps into a scrapbook, each page a miniature room setting.
Art and Ideals: Art Pottery of Boston
The Arts and Crafts movement emerged in England in the 1870s, based on the reformist ideals of John Ruskin and William Morris. Proponents advocated a return to hand craftsmanship in all the decorative arts, not merely for aesthetic quality but also to further social and educational goals.
Preserving Family Memories
Your family photographs are just as important to you as SPNEA's archive of over half a million historic images is to the thousands of re-searchers who use it each year. Here are steps you can take to preserve your own family pictures.
News New England and Beyond
Short news items from Historic New England Magazine.
Feathering the Nest
This quilt was begun in 1883 by Belle D. Grace (1850-1938) of Sandgate, Vermont. In the center she embroidered birds building a nest, perhaps to symbolize a family building a home, and nearby she placed her husband's name and a portrait of the family dog. Other women of the family contributed squares depicting favorite flowers, emblems of fishing and sewing, good luck horseshoes, and images of the cross.
Winter 2000