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A Passionate Scholar


Noted scholar Nina Fletcher Little, who with her husband Bertram K. Little was a pioneer collector of American folk art, authored books and scores of articles over her long career. As dedicated in her search for information as she was in her collecting, she defined the method for researching the history of New England’s little known or anonymous artists. SPNEA has just republished her definitive 1980 work on boxes, Neat and Tidy: Boxes and Their Contents Used in Early American Households. Three other books by Nina Fletcher Little are also available from SPNEA; to order, call (617) 542-7673 or shop online at

  Woman_siloREISSUED Neat and Tidy: Boxes and Their Contents Used in Early American Households. An expert look at the evolution of craftsmanship in the American home through wooden boxes and their diverse uses. Second edition. SC, $19.95. Members, $17.96.

Little by Little. Six Decades of Collecting American Decorative Arts. The superb collection of New England country arts assembled by Bertram K. and Nina F. Little. Out-of-print hardcover available. HC, $100. Members, $90. Second edition. SC, $29.95. Members, $26.96.

American Decorative Wall Painting 1700–1850. A fascinating investigation of painted decoration on early woodwork, walls, and floors, with selective bibliography, biographical list of painters, and checklist of pictorial panels. SC, $19.95. Members, $17.96.

Country Arts in Early American Homes. A delightfully written and handsomely illustrated study of country folk art in early New England homes up to the middle of the nineteenth century. Second edition. SC, $17.95. Members, $16.16.

Note: prices are exclusive of sales tax and shipping. Key: HC - hard cover, SC - soft cover

A Passionate Scholar