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Fall 2003

Jane Tucker
The annals of preservation are studded with heroines, but few are more remarkable than Jane Tucker, doyenne of SPNEA's Castle Tucker in Wiscasset, Maine.
Designed for Living
Walter Gropius was a forward-looking man, a teacher who sought to introduce the twentieth century to a new approach to design and problem solving that rejected old solutions that had been employed simply out of habit.
Fit to Travel, Fit to be Seen
The obvious rewards of presenting two major exhibitions like Cherished Possessions, (on view at the Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, Maine, through October 27) and Yankee Remix (at MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts, through March, 2004) are considerable: SPNEA's treasures will be seen by national audiences, and the attendant publicity and catalogues will have an even broader and more enduring impact. Less evident, but also important, are the benefits of the conservation treatment given to many of the objects to prepare them for travel and display.
Telling Time by Tree Rings
Dendrochronology, a method of dating historic timbers and wooden artifacts by analyzing tree ring patterns, has been available elsewhere since 1926 but has not been used in New England. Now, SPNEA has undertaken a dendrochronological project that has made it possible to pinpoint the construction dates of many First-Period buildings.
Traditional Methods Historic Effects
Adelphi Paper Hangings, an SPNEA licensee, produces exact replicas of eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century wallpapers, using the same tools and processes as craftsmen of the past.
The Camera's Coast
SPNEA holds one of the world's outstanding collections of historic maritime photographs.
Artifacts, Artists, and Curators
What happens when a history museum, a museum of contemporary art, and nine artists from different countries collaborate on an exhibition? Two SPNEA staff members comment on their experiences with the exhibition Yankee Remix: Artists Take on New England.
News New England and Beyond
Short news items from Historic New England Magazine.
Major Donors to SPNEA, Fiscal Year 2003
Our Mission: The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities is a museum of cultural history that collects and preserves buildings, landscapes, and objects dating from the seventeenth century to the present and uses them to keep history alive and to help people develop a deeper understanding and enjoyment of New England life and appreciation for its preservation.
From a Literary Home
New England poet James Russell Lowell lived his entire life in Elmwood, a mansion built in 1767 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. SPNEA has recently received some of Lowell's old-fashioned furniture as part of a bequest by his great granddaughter, Frances Lowell Burnett.
Fall 2003