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Roofing White Papers

pc-mar-roof-installation.jpgThe proper treatment and care for a roof is important not only for the preservation and protection of the resource but it is a major part of the overall character and interpretation of the structure and site.  Despite proactive maintenance, the roof is a sacrificial layer for protecting the building and will ultimately require replacement.


Roof Replacement Guidelines

  • Research and document the history and evolution of roofing on the resource as well as the failure mechanisms to understand the management requirements of the roof.  
    • Monitor the condition of the roof and perform maintenance on the roof as required.
    • Generally, flashing and small roof leaks can be repaired without the replacement of the entire roof structure.
    • All roofing materials are sacrificial and will require replacement eventually.
    • Periodic cleaning and the routine application of appropriate preservatives may be necessary to prolong the lifespan of the roof.
  • Document the existing roof type and details before any work commences.
  • The first approach is to replace the roof in-kind, matching extant materials and details. The roofing system and appearance of the roof is part of the overall interpretation of the site and part of the historic accuracy.   
  • Material replacements should match type and style as best as possible.
  • It is understood that roofing materials are a resource that requires cyclical renewal and preserving the previous generation of shingles in situ is not possible. 


Roofing Topics
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Roofing White Papers