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Gilman Garrison Structural Analysis
A structural engineer reviews conditions at Gilman Garrison House in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Consultants can lend a deeper level of knowledge or expertise to support projects like grant applications. When working with a consultant, it is critical to clearly articulate your goals for the project. While it is also important to allow the consultant to explore the issues in a manner based on their years of experience, never take the recommendations of a consultant at face value. Ask questions and make sure all options are weighed. Although the consultant may be an expert, the organization is responsible for the ultimate decision and its affect on the property.

Guidelines for Working with Consultants

  • Define the overall project goals before searching for a consultant
  • Articulate the philosophical underpinnings of the organization and/or site and any restrictions that may be present
  • Clarify your expectations by developing a written statement about the project. 
  • Interview potential consultants to find the right professional and philosophical fit for Historic New England. 
  • Confirm the scope of the project, expected time frame, phasing, deliverables, and fee structure with the selected contractor
  • After the contract has been awarded keep the project schedule on track by providing all necessary and/or requested information.


Paint analysis
Paint samples are taken at the attached farmhouse at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Consultant Topics


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