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Preserving Our Historic Sites

Learn how Historic New England’s property care team preserves and maintains our thirty-six historic properties. Professional preservation and landscape staff develop and manage preservation projects throughout the entire collection of museum properties and work collaboratively with the site staff on maintenance issues. This work is affected by the on-staff carpentry crew that has been specially trained in the traditional skills required for many of the sensitive and specific repairs. The preservation staff is augmented by outside contractors who are retained for their special skills and attention to the unique challenges represented by the preservation of historic properties. 

Preservation Philosophy

The preservation philosophy outlines our basic approach towards any project at the properties. 

White Papers

Find out how the preservation philosophy is applied to our daily work with this series of white papers. These white papers, or best practices for our property care staff, look at many topics including building and system inspections, roof replacements, tree care, the care of paint finishes, and many more.

Preservation News

Read updates from our property care team about preservation projects at Historic New England sites.

Employment and Internships

The property care team employs preservation professionals in all sorts of fields including property management, project management, carpentry, and landscape management. If you are interested in working for the property care team please check the Employment page for current openings. We also accept internships in a wide range of activities relating to our properties. Please refer to the Internship and Volunteer page for more information. Contractors looking for construction projects should refer to the Preservation Projects for Bid section for bid package postings.

Preserving Our Historic Sites