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PC images

pc-SAY Assessment
Property care performing assessment at the Sayward-Wheeler House.
PC-cogswell carpenters
The carpentry crew performing structural repairs to the main barn at Cogwell's Grant.
pc- Bruce harling.jpg
pc- circuit board.jpg
pc- assessment at WAT.jpg
pc-wood chipper.jpg
pc- dave working on ROS.jpg
pc- electronics.jpg
pc- gardening at COG.jpg
pc- heating system.jpg
pc- oil tank.jpg
pc- plaster stabilization.jpg
pc- ROC siding.jpg
pc- Tree through window at SOJ.jpg
pc-attic assessment.jpg
pc-BEA.0503007.Terrace Fence.012.JPG
pc-bruce carving post.jpg
pc-HAM window work.jpg
pc-italian garden.jpg
pc-stone wall.jpg
pc-window work in shop.jpg
pc-mar roof installation.jpg
pc-ros shutter
pc-gilman roof
Langdon North Lodge Whitewashing, 2005
The first coat of whitewash is applied to the North Lodge at Langdon in 2005.
pc-moldy table
Mold growth on table.
pc-window repair
Wood repairs to the stile of a window frame.
pdf-PHI-3-Period Plan c 1912 .pdf
PC-SPL foundation drainage.jpg
The grade no longer slopes away from the building allowing water to pool around the foundation. Also note that the downspout does not directly connect to the underground drain pipe.
pc-pie infrared 111579.jpg
Infrared image comparing a window with an interior storm (left) to a single glazed double hung window without a storm (right).
pc-pie fan.jpg
Paired with an infrared camera, a large fan, or blower door, is used to locate air leaks.
pc-bea UV film install.jpg
Installation of UV film at Beauport.
pc-ham boiler install.jpg
Boiler install (right) at Hamilton House creates a new basement zone of heat and dehumidification.
pc-knob and tube.jpg
Knob and tube wiring at the Phillips House.
Paint analysis
Paint samples are taken at the attached farmhouse at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts.
Gilman Garrison Structural Analysis
A structural engineer reviews conditions at Gilman Garrison House in Exeter, New Hampshire.
Barrett House dig
Archaeological dig at Barrett House in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.
Carpentry at Sayward-Wheeler House
The floor framing system is now revealed for assessment.
PC images