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Henry Dexter daguerreotype
Bust portrait of Henry Dexter, facing three-quarters to the left, ca. 1857
Eco-friendly shopping bag
Eco-friendly shopping bag from Historic New England online shop.
Drawing Toward Home
Cover of Drawing Toward Home
Historic Paint Chart
Paint chart: Historic colors
Crib quilt
Crib quilt 2
Crib quilt from Historic New England collection, for sale at Anti-Slavery Fair in December 1836.
Sayward coat of arms
Sayward Coat of Arms in original frame. Red shield with two white chevrons. Gold band with three blue leopard faces across center. Silver knight's helm with gold face plate sits atop shield. The arms of Jonathan Sayward, College of Arms, Herald's Office. Purchased by Nathaniel Barrell for his father-in-law, Jonathan Sayward. Part of the Historic New England collection.
Christmas card, 1887 (detail)
Christmas card created by Louis Prang & Co., Roxbury, Mass., 1887. Prang's company was the first to mass produce Christmas cards in the United States.
Best of the Best from New England cover
Cover of the book Best of the Best from New England, available in Historic New England's online shop.
Suffragettes with a protest banner during President Wilson's visit to Boston, Mass., Feb. 1919
Little Ducklings Summer Camp
Reclaiming the Commons
By Brian Donahue. Winner of the 2000 Historic New England Book Prize.
White Bicycle
By the 1890s, changes in bicycle design and technology made them safer and easier to ride, which resulted in an enormous increase in popularity. In an era before automobiles, the bicycle was an efficient and enjoyable vehicle for personal transportation and recreation. The White Sewing Machine Company, founded by Massachusetts-born Thomas White, also manufactured bicycles. The company promoted models in its 1897 catalog as "a dream of poetic beauty in steel" and the "Queen of bicycles."
The children of the battlefield
Cover depicts the three orphaned children of Amos Humiston, two boys and one girl.
Maine Seasons
Photography by John H. Schwartz. Poetry by H.R. Coursen. Soft cover. Both photography and prose convey messages and feelings. Trigger your imagination as you enjoy the combined images and poetry inspired by midcoast Maine.
Annie Wippermann House
German immigrant and architect Jacob Luippold designed this house in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood in 1902. Many drawings from the Luippold Collection have just been digitized and are now available online.
Orchids Simplified
Orchids Simplified: An Indoor Gardening Guide. Henry Jaworski. On sale at Historic New England's Online Shop.
This large coffee pot shows the gothic tower Daniel Wadsworth built on his estate "Monte Video" outside of Hartford, Connecticut in 1810.
Mary Clifford Greene (Mrs. Samuel Coffin Eastman)
From Historic New England's daguerreotype collection.
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African Meeting House
Interior view of the African Meeting House, Boston, Mass., undated
African Meeting House exterior
Exterior view of the African Meeting House with a woman standing on the sidewalk, Boston, Mass., c. 1885
Farm Friends
Mirage Mobile
This graphic mobile looks well in any type of room. There are more "wings" in red, yellow, gray, and black in the box. You choose and create your own design. Made of serigraphical foil and wood, the mobile is approximately 23.5" x 23.5" in size.
Silver ring
Silver ring with seven bezel-set circular-cut and one oval quartz in a rosette design.
Red Sox Ball Club 1912
The Boston Red Sox team of 1912 poses for a group portrait. The Red Sox defeated the New York Giants to win the World Series that year. The team is arranged in front of their dugout along the first base line, with a view of the grandstands in the background. There are three insets: a ballboy, manager-first baseman Jake Stahl, and pinch hitter Clyde Engle. In the bottom of the tenth inning of the deciding game with the Giants ahead by one, Engle hit a routine fly ball, but Giants center fielder Fred Snodgrass muffed the play. Engle scored the tying run, leading the way to a Red Sox victory.
Longfellow Bridge
This photograph depicts workers finishing construction on the Longfellow Bridge, which would bring subway service from downtown Boston to Harvard Square in Cambridge.
New England Icons
Cover of New England Icons: Shaker Villages, Saltboxes, Stone Walls, and Steeples
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Walter Gropius
Cover of Walter Gropius: The Man Behind the Ideas
Codman Estate Field Trip
A school group visits the Codman Estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts, on a field trip.
Field Trip
Students visit a Historic New England property during a field trip.
Chest of Drawers
Chest of drawers at Rundlet-May House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, an example of the city's celebrated nineteenth-century furniture.
Old Town by the Sea
Cover of Old Town by the Sea
The Vintage House
The Vintage House: A Guide to Successful Renovations and Additions. Mark Alan Hewitt and Gordon Bock. Hard cover.
Historic New England News Cover
Cover of the September 2012 issue of Historic New England News.
Survey Guest Pass
Ilene Greenwood Fuller
In 1891, Ilene Greenwood Fuller was photographed near her family's home in Brockton, Massachusetts, wearing a yellow wool checked dress that had been handstitched for her grandfather in 1832. Both the images of Ilene and the dress are in Historic New England's collection.
Great Houses of New England
Cover of Great Houses of New England by Roderic H. Blackburn (text) and Geoffrey Gross (photography)
Product boxes
New England product boxes
Gift-wrapped magazine
Abolition teapot
Porcelain teapot belonging to James N. Buffum
Charity Navigator
Master Mariner's Room
Master Mariner's Room at Beauport, Sleeper-McCann House, in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Beauport book
Ise Gropius coat
Gropius cover
Peter Henderson
Sarah Orne Jewett Desk
Gropius covers
William Morris
Portsmouth chest of drawers
The use of vibrantly figured veneers in bold geometric patterns is typical of Portsmouth furniture of the early years of the nineteenth century. The drop pendant is also characteristic. This is one of the most ornate surviving examples. It was purchased by James Rundlet, a wealthy merchant whose 1807 home survives with few changes and is one of Historic New England's most intact historic house museums.
Gropius House sculpture
Koorali, a racing catboat.
Walking Stick
Henry Bowen's walking stick
Folding chair
Boston City Hall design
Waterhouse wallpaper
Sybil Crehore
A black and white image of infant Sybil Crehore bundled up in a baby sleigh with snow visible in the landscape behind her, presumably at the family estate, Glenmary, in Newton Lower Falls, Mass.
Clothing Ensemble
Dressing for a New England winter means balancing the practicality of staying warm and the elegance of a stylish gown. In the winter of 1883, Miss C. L. W. French of Roxbury and Boston, Massachusetts, managed this to perfection with this blue velvet and fur-trimmed walking ensemble.
Trade Card
Trade card for 1881 valentines, Loring's, corner of Bromfield & Washington Streets, Boston, Mass., 1881
Silas Casey account book
Account book of Silas Casey, merchant and farmer, East Greenwich, R.I.
Farm Explorers
Pop beads
Robert Frost
Wooden figure
Peacock Figure
Steamship and Boat
A steamship and a boat on the Cape Cod Canal, Nina Heald Webber Cape Cod Canal Collection
Otis field trip
U.S.A. Bonds
Drinking Water
Cider Press, Farwell Farm, Cape Neddick, Maine
Waterhouse wallpaper
Turkey tureen
New Year's card
Phillips diamond brooch
Stained Glass
Images to accompany winter 2015 Stained Glass at All Saints, Ashmont, article by Al Tannler
Woman snowshoeing
A woman wearing a hat and a heavy overcoat stands on snowshoes holding a ski pole. There are houses and other buildings surrounded by woods in the background.
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