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Can I park at the museum? Is there on street parking?

Yes. You can either park in the circle in front of the house or on High or Lee Streets.

Are there restrooms at Castle Tucker?

There is a portable bathroom next to the house.

Is the museum handicapped accessible?

A tour of any Historic New England property requires a considerable amount of standing and some walking.  Castle Tucker has not been equipped with handicapped accessible ramps, elevators, or chair lifts. Folding chairs can be provided for visitors who would like to use them during a tour. We are glad to offer guests a visual tour of the museum. Visitors with limited mobility may be able to enjoy a first floor tour of the house and grounds. Service animals are always welcome. We encourage visitors with concerns to call ahead. We are happy to work with you to make your visit an enjoyable one.

Can I take photographs at the museum?

Interior and exterior photography for personal use is allowed at Historic New England properties. For the safety and comfort of our visitors and the protection of our collections and house museums, we ask that you be aware of your surroundings and stay with your guide. Video, camera bags, tripods and selfie-sticks are not permitted. Professional/commercial photographers and members of the media should visit the press room for more information.   

How can I book a group tour? What is the cost?

The cost for a group tour of ten or more is $1 off the regular admission price. Call 207-882-7169 or e-mail Castle Tucker.

Do we need to take a tour or can we just look around?

All visitors to the house receive a guided tour.

How do I become a member of Historic New England and get more involved?

Join Historic New England now and get involved in preserving and celebrating the region's heritage.  To join, call the Membership Office at 617-994-5910 or join online.  You can reach Castle Tucker staff at 207-882-7169 or by e-mail.

When was the house built?

The house was built in 1807.

Who built it?

Judge Silas Lee had the house built. The identity of the architect is unknown.

Why is it called Castle Tucker?

Captain Richard H. Tucker, Jr. and his family moved into the house in 1858 and his granddaughter Jane moved out in 2003. Locals referred to it as "Tucker's Castle" because of its size and prominent placement on Windmill Hill. The family began referring to it as Castle Tucker in the 1880s.

How big is the house?

The footprint of the main house (not including the ell) is approximately thirty-four feet deep by sixty-four feet at its widest point.

How much did it cost?

In November 1858, Captain Richard Tucker Jr. paid $2500 with an additional payment of $600 due upon receipt of a clear title.

How many rooms are in the house?

There are thirty-three rooms in the house, including the ell.