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Why is the Browne House important?

Constructed between 1694 and 1701 for a farming family, Browne House contains rare and, in some cases, unique architectural features. In a near ruinous state when it was purchased by Historic New England founder William Sumner Appleton in 1919, the house was painstakingly restored in what is acknowledged to be the first fully documented restoration in America.

What will we see when we visit?

Browne House is a modest “one-over-one” dwelling with eighteenth- and nineteenth-century additions. Prominent features include a steeply pitched roof, diamond-patterned casement windows, and early door and window placements and styles. During restoration, an impressive amount of seventeenth-century finish detail was uncovered.

Do we need to take a tour or can we just look around?

All visitors to the house receive a guided tour.

Is the museum handicapped accessible?

A tour of any Historic New England property requires a considerable amount of standing and some walking. Folding chairs can be provided for visitors who would like to use them during a tour. To retain its historic fabric and character, Browne House has not been equipped with handicapped accessible ramps, elevators, or chair lifts. We encourage visitors with concerns to call ahead. We are happy to work with you to make your visit an enjoyable one.

Where is the best place to park?

Street parking is available on Main Street.

Can I take photographs at the Browne House?

Visitors are welcome to take personal photographs of the exterior of Browne House. Members of the media should visit the press room. Visitors can arrange in advance to request required permission to take interior photographs for personal use. Permission is not guaranteed and cannot be given on arrival, so please contact the site staff well in advance of your visit.

How do I become a member of Historic New England and get more involved?

Join Historic New England now and get involved in preserving and celebrating the region's heritage. To join, call the Membership Office at 617-994-5910 or join online. You can reach the Browne House staff at 617-994-6660 or by e-mail.