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The Camera's Coast

Figurehead, Peaches Point. Marblehead, Massachusetts. c. 1920, Mary H. Northend (1850 -1926)

The Camera's Coast presents seventy images from the Historic New England collection depicting life along the New England coast in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These were years of great social and economic change. Many traditional occupations, from alongshore fishing to shipbuilding to deep-water voyaging, were in decline. As the number of people who could afford vacations grew and improved transportation made it easy for them to flee the city in the summertime, coastal recreation boomed. Boating and yachting blossomed.

Pioneering photographers represented in The Camera's Coast include Nathaniel L. Stebbins, Henry G. Peabody, Baldwin Coolidge, Emma L. Coleman, and Fred Quimby. Subjects depicted include square-riggers, coasting schooners, fishing vessels and fishing ports, steamships and steamboats, tugs, small boats and large yachts, summer hotels and fishermen's shacks, beach houses, mansion houses, rusticators, fishermen, seaweed gatherers, lifesavers, and saltmarsh haymakers.

View a selection of the photographs from The Camera's Coast.


  • 70 black-and-white high quality copy prints in black metal frames, various sizes
  • 4 banners
  • All printed section and object labels

Fee: $2,000 for a three-month period plus one-way shipping. Please contact us for a full checklist.

The Camera's Coast