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Beacon Hill in the Twentieth Century
Beacon Hill's Charles Circle, early twentieth century
Beyond Farms and Factories
Marden House, Summer Street, Newburyport. Demolished in 1934 for the Route 1 cut-through.
Brown's Wood Neighborhood
Brown's Wood Home, November 2009
Clamming Industry
Credit: Woodman's of Essex
Farming in Southern Rhode Island
Watson Farm
History Project 1
History Project tour and reception at Beauport, September 2009
History Project 2
Philip Hayden giving talk at Beauport, September 2009
Life in the Land of Tourists
Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club gathering outside clubhouse for annual regatta, early twentieth century. Credit: Collections of the Boothbay Region Historical Society
Oral Histories in Kittery, Maine
Fourth of July parade in Bristol, N.H., c. 1936
Preservation Movement
Gloucester's Historic Paint Factory
Facade of Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory taken from the Gloucester Harbor, summer 2009.
Stories from the Settlement House
Classroom in the House of Seven Gables Settlement House, credit: The House of the Seven Gables
Brown bungalow
Brown bungalow drawing from Drawing Toward Home exhibit.
At Coffin House
North Bennet Street School students taking measurements at the Coffin House.
Sara Purgus works on the Boardman House model.
Greg Ghazil works on the model for Pierce House.
African American tourism
Vacationers at Rock Rest.