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Beyond Farms and Factories: Snapshots of Newburyport Neighborhoods

Newburyport, Massachusetts
Newbury, Massachusetts

Beyond Farms and Factories
Marden House, Summer Street, Newburyport. Demolished in 1934 for the Route 1 cut-through.

The neighborhoods of Newburyport, Massachusetts, were once a place where artisans, shopkeepers, and families lived and worked together, often for generations. Today, Newburyport continues to be a vibrant community, although like other small cities it continues to evolve as the population changes. Historic New England, the Newburyport Preservation Trust, and the Historical Society of Old Newbury joined together for a project focused on collecting twentieth-century images of Newburyport’s houses, neighborhoods, and streetscapes. A community-wide scanning and oral history project occurred during Newburyport Preservation Week in May. This project illustrates how Newburyport has changed and how it continues to honor its past. The collected stories and images will be preserved in each of the archives of the partner organizations.

View some of the collected images from this project.

For more information, e-mail community engagement at Historic New England.


Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm
Newburyport Preservation Trust
Historical Society of Old Newbury


Beyond Farms and Factories: Snapshots of Newburyport Neighborhoods