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Berlin and Coos County Oral History Project

Berlin, New Hampshire
Plaistow, New Hampshire


Intro to videos

Berlin, New Hampshire, in the heart of the Northern Forest, is a small city of approximately 10,000 people, best known for its paper mills and being the largest producer of newsprint in the world during the mid-twentieth century. The city's history is as deep as the woods that surround it. Our dynamic partnership brings together Timberlane Regional High School, in Plaistow, New Hampshire, and the Berlin and Coos County Historical Society in an oral history project, resulting in a ninety-minute documentary on Berlin in the twentieth century.

You'll hear from residents whose families have lived and worked in Berlin for generations. As the paper industry disappeared, many people moved while earlier generations are passing away, taking their stories with them. Our oral history project captures their stories, preserves them, and uses this rich history as a catalyst for Berliners as they look to re-define themselves in the twenty-first century.

Listen to Berlin residents tell their stories

For more information about the documentary and related events e-mail community engagement at Historic New England. To purchase a copy of the documentary on DVD please call 603-752-7337.




Berlin and Coos County Oral History Project