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Everyone's History

Discover Everyone’s History, an ongoing exploration of life in New England. Find out about early aviation, African American tourist destinations, and how fried clams became a favorite summertime treat. Hear the voices of workers in a blue jeans factory, and see photos taken by Boston Public Schools students.

Historic New England partners with communities and organizations throughout the region to collect and share Everyone's History.

Everyone’s History projects include award-winning documentary films, interviews, online exhibitions, photo galleries, and more.

Is there an aspect of life in New England you think should be preserved and shared with future generations? Tell us about it.

Featured Projects

The Haymarket Project

Learn more about the project.

Follow the project on Instagram. Instagram

Saving Vermont's One-Room Schoolhouses 

Beaver Meadow Schoolhouse's Miss Stella Sears and her class

Claiming a Piece of the American Dream:
African American Vacationers in New England

Rock Rest

Learn more about the project.

Explore the exhibition.

History of the Quincy Yacht Club

Cat boat Dorothy no. 7, Quincy Yacht Club

Connecting the Threads: Overalls to Art
at the H.W. Carter and Sons Factory

Learn more about the project.

From Clam Flats to Clam Shacks

Three generations

Learn more about the project.

Explore the exhibition.

Everyone's History