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100 Years, 100 Communities

Launched in honor of Historic New England's centennial in 2010, 100 Years, 100 Communities aims to protect and share New England's twentieth-century history. Historic New England partners with communities throughout the region on projects large and small that capture their unique stories before they are lost. These community partners are broadly defined. They may represent a geographic area, or be a professional association, peer organization, or a group of people organized around a common interest. 100 Years, 100 Communities is a multiyear initiative that will continue to expand Historic New England's outreach and regional impact for years to come. View a complete list of projects.

Highlighted Projects


Overalls to Art:
H.W. Carter & Sons Factory

Oh What an Appetite One Gets Here

From Clam Flats
to Clam Shacks

GE Icebox

Remembering Home:
A Workshop for Older Adults

Rock Rest horseshoes

African American Tourism
in New England

Fishy in the Ocean

Boston Public Schools Documentary Photo Project

Darlene and Cow

Take Me to the Fair!



100 Years, 100 Communities