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A Way of Life: The Future of Clamming

There may come times with changes
In this life as with the rest;
If changes are for better ranges,
Then ‘twill be for all to bless.

-Excerpt from 'The Clammer's Life,' by John Dolan, 1948.

As industry regulation increases and the natural environment is further studied and monitored, the profession of clam digging is changing. Because of the implementation of rainfall closures of the flats, it is nearly impossible for diggers to make a living without taking on additional work. But steady paying jobs often do not allow for the rising and falling tides that must dictate the clam digger’s life. Young people growing up in clamming communities have watched parents pull together a living from odd jobs. As a result, the number of commercial clam licenses distributed has decreased in many towns, and the age of clammers has risen. What is the future of this industry?

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A Way of Life: The Future of Clamming