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A Resource to Protect: The Consumer

"The sanitary condition of the marketed shellfish taken from contaminated waters is not only at present to some extent endangering the public health, but is placing an undeserved stigma upon a most reputable and valuable source of food supply for the public." -Dr. David Belding, Report on the Mollusk Fisheries of Massachusetts, 1909

As the shellfishing industry has grown over the last century, so has government regulation of the trade. Today only those with a permit and a license from the shellfish department of their city can dig the flats, whether it’s for recreation or commercial profit. Permitted clammers are held to certain standards to protect the natural environment, but also to ensure the safety of the clams we consume.

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Designated Shellfishing Areas of Essex Bay City of Gloucester Clam Beds


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A Resource to Protect: The Consumer