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A Resource to Protect: The Environment

"Nature cannot without the aid and co-operation of man repair the ill-advised,

untimely and exhaustive inroads made in her resources."

                -Dr. David Belding,

                                                                              Report on the Mollusk Fisheries of Massachusetts, 1909

The Great Marsh eco-system is delicate and ever-changing. Over the last century, shellfishers have teamed up with scientists and regulatory officials in an effort to protect the species living there. Clams must contend not only with natural predators, such as moon snails, but also with man-made pollutants affecting their habitat. Healthy reproduction of shellfish is crucial to the survival of the eco-system and those who rely on its bounty.

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Clam Ring with Clams  Clam Constable Examines Young Clams 

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A Resource to Protect: The Environment