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Rundlet-May Family Papers, 1710-1935

Collection of manuscripts of the Rundlet and May families of Rundlet-May House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Rundlet-May pet cemetery
A pet cemetery on the grounds of Rundlet-May House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, memorializes many of the Mays' animals and even a songbird, Sunny Boy.


The Rundlet-May family papers document the life and descendants of a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, textile merchant and later textile manufacturer, and offers insight into the material culture of nineteenth-century New Hampshire.

James Rundlet's (1772-1852) papers provide detailed information about the construction of his 1807 house and labor practices in early nineteenth-century house building. Four generations of the family resided in the Portsmouth home, including two doctors, who are also represented in this collection.

This collection contains:

  • Financial papers
  • Architectural drawings
  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Legal documents
  • Maps
  • Ephemera

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Rundlet May Harvard letter
James Rundlet May's certificate of admission to Harvard College signed by the president of Harvard, James Walker, 1858.
Dog license
A dog license issued to James Rundlet May for a dog named Hylax, July 1, 1872.
Rundlet passport
Alfred Rundlet's passport issued in 1850.
Rundlet-May account book
A page from James Rundlet's account book showing his purchases of boards for the construction of Rundlet-May House, c. 1808.
Rundlet-May Family Papers, 1710-1935