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John Codman (1898-1989) Family Papers, 1775-1964

Collection of manuscripts of the family of John Codman IX

Codman travel log, 1841
An entry from William Coombs Codman's seaman's journal of a voyage from Boston to Calcutta, written on March 10, 1841, describing the day the ship reached Calcutta and the local characters. The entry also includes a small sketch of a ship.

The John Codman family papers include materials that document the life of the Reverend John Codman and his descendants, New England trade and shipping activities, and the domestic, economic, and cultural life of early nineteenth century Boston.

Historic New England also holds an extensive collection of papers associated with descendants of Charles Russell Codman, the brother of Rev. John Codman and owner of the family estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts (see the Codman family papers).

This collection contains:

  • Legal documents
  • Financial records
  • Correspondence
  • Account books
  • Ephemera

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Account book, Charles Russell Codman, 1824
A page from Charles Russell Codman's account book from February 1824, including an entry for a payment made to Alexander Parris for a plan drawn for Codman.
Piratical Barbarity, c. 1825
Piratical Barbarity or The Female Captive, a pamphlet printed c. 1825.
Wedding invitation, 1887
An invitation to the wedding of Sophia Munroe and William Coombs Codman, 1887.
John Codman (1898-1989) Family Papers, 1775-1964