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Cooper-Frost-Austin Manuscript Collection, 1720-1886

Collection of manuscripts of Cooper-Frost-Austin House in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cooper-Frost-Austin House
View of the exterior of Cooper-Frost-Austin House.


The Cooper-Frost-Austin manuscript collection contains materials associated with the families who lived in the oldest extant house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, built in 1681. The house was sold to Gideon Frost, a grandson of the original owner, in 1788. The majority of the collection focuses on Gideon Frost, his great-granddaughter, Susan S. Austin, and her husband, Richard Thomas Austin.

This collection contains:

  • Deeds
  • Probate records
  • Correspondence
  • Printed materials
  • Financial records

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Cooper-Frost-Austin deed
Deed for land purchased from Stephen Prentice by Gideon Frost in Cambridge, Mass., 1767.

Herculean Love Knot
A complex drawing of a knot with fine lettering throughout, inscribed H. Clark, Jr., and titled, An Herculean Love Knot, Feb. 7, 1815.
Letter from George Moore
First page of a letter from George Moore at Quincy House in Quincy, Mass., to Richard Thomas Austin in Cambridge, Mass., on December 15, 1840.







Cooper-Frost-Austin Manuscript Collection, 1720-1886