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Photographing a Vase
Young women swimming by Mary H. Northend.
The Bubble
Carbon Dioxide Chamber --The Bubble
Old Post Office, Boston
Nutting Triple-Decker
Frank Chouteau Brown
Asher Benjamin Unidentified Building
Swift House, Pride’s Crossing, Dining room
Gropius House
Commercial block, Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street, Cambridge
Armchair (55306)
Archival image
Shoes in Storage
CAP image
Conservation Image
America's Kitchens
Cradle, detail (190085)
Clock Face (2683)
Dolphin-Shaped Candlesticks, Hamilton House, South Berwick, ME (7679, 7680, 7681, 7682)
Silver drinking vessels (26396, 172740, 31921)
Hiram Powers, "Psyche," detail (68231)
Edward Greene Malbone, "Miniature Portrait of Mrs. Sally Foster Otis" (103641)
Alexander R. Esty, Elevation of an Unidentified House, detail (180761)
Walking Stick (189878)
Deborah Sampson Dress (189811)
Needlework with Fishing Lady Motif (26667)
Cloth Napkin (103682)
Wallpaper, 1940-1950 (177399)
Fireboard Paper Fragment (178344)
Pocket Watch and Accessories (102804)
Silver and Paste Buckles (100644)
Hair Comb (101482)
Porcelain Punchbowl (52585)
Double Banded Mourning Ring (101420)
Baldwin Coolidge, Swan Boat, Boston, Mass., detail (196173)
Wm Morris Wallpaper
Hair Bracelet in Serpent Shape (101341)
Necklace with Pendant (103214)
Gold Micromosaic Locket (101661)
Secretary - Bookcase (17467)
Cast Iron Settee (190866)
Nesting Tables (56315)
Corner Shelves with Ceramics (2344)
Redware Bowl, Mug, Herb Pot, Jug and Shaving Mug (8478, 8483, 8488, 8496, 8507)
Earthenware Children's Mugs (43956, 43445, 43260)
Pewter Teapot (24949)
Brass Bed Warmer (3011)
Print, Depicting the Interior of the Boston Bijou Theatre (195528)
Velvet Ensemble (12851)
Men's Banyan (28193)
Woven Straw Bonnet (3114)
Silk Brocade Shoes and Silver Buckles (3400, 100644)
Girandole Set (20675, 20676, 20677)
Cut Sample of Wallpaper, 1740-1760 (178569)
Floral Rococo Wallpaper Fragment, 1860-1865 (176875)
French NeoClassical Wallpaper, 1785-1800 (177544)
Floral Stripe Pattern Wallpaper, 1960-1970 (178264)
Metal Drop Earrings (101064)
Sarah Wyman Whitman, Book Cover Designs (195594)
Drawing Toward Home Exhibition Catalogue
Carte-de-Visite of a Boy and His Dog, Newburyport, Mass. (195333)
Poster for Paine Piazza Furniture, Boston, Mass. (195711)
Kallmann, McKinnell and Wood, Elevation of Boston City Hall (81298)
Verner Reed, Portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy (194512)
Susannah Hickling Lewis Williard, Water Fall (165298)
Castle Tucker wallpaper work
Conservators lining paper at Castle Tucker
Castle Tucker Parlor
Preping for Kitchen Exhibition
Collection objects awaiting conservation treatment and crating for America's Kitchen exhibition
Conservation Treatment
Clothing & Accessories
Ceramics, Glass & Metals
Dow Drawing
Sally Sayward
Fishing lady
Hancock House Wallpaper
Haines Chair
Swan Boat
Furntiure 2
Wallpaper (Morris)
CAP image
Medicine Kit (17968)
Construction of Boston Subway, 1897 (195289)
Edwin Whitefield, Webb Mansion, Conn. (196248)
Warren's Portraits, Cabinet Photograph of Sarah Orne Jewett (195045)
Nathaniel L. Stebbins, Coasting Schooner Mertie B. Crowley, 1907 (97108)
Postcard of Maine Central Railroad Express, Portland, Maine (197501)
Charles Russell Codman Curtain, detail ()
Whole Cloth Quilt, detail (2288)
Hooked Rug (2912)
Kitchen, Castle Tucker, Wiscasset, ME
Upholstery Remnant, detail (27269)