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Account book of James Short, Newbury, Mass., 1742-1801

Collection Name: Account books collection
Collection Code: MS002
Dates: 1742-1801
Acquisition Type: Museum Purchase
Date of Acquisition: 2000-06-13
Physical Description: 1 account book
Collection Type: Manuscripts
Description Level: Item
GUSN: 193827
Reference Code: MS002.134


This family account book was kept by James Short of Newbury, Massachusetts, between 1742 and 1801. Other family members mentioned include Nicolas Short and John Short. Monies exchanged were in pounds Sterling. Goods and services exchanged included a wide variety of agrarian activities and basic needs of the day. Goods include spices, molasses, barley, mutton, calfskins, and yarns. The Short family, evidently, were accomplished cobblers as they made, sold, and mended all kinds of shoes. Other activities included: plowing and "halling" (hauling) wood, dung, and various grades of hay; raking, reaping; and threshing; and weaving and selling cloth, buttons and "ribin." In listing individuals' accounts, the writer often refers to the customer thusly: "halling rocks for you," indicating how close the relationship would have been between buyer and seller. The book is leather bound, dimensions 7.75 x 12.25 inches with some tears and staining. Interleaved are several loose receipts and jottings.

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Material Type: account books

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Account book of James Short, Newbury, Mass., 1742-1801

GUSN: 193827