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Stock book of Henry K. Keith and Co., Feb. 1, 1860

Collection Name: Account books collection
Collection Code: MS002
Dates: 1860-02-01
Physical Description: 1 account book
Collection Type: Manuscripts
Description Level: Item
GUSN: 193824
Reference Code: MS002.131


"Stock Book" of Henry K. Keith & Co., February 1, 1860 detailing inventory of clothing, dry goods, writing supplies, pens, ink, and household items (including lamps, bottles, bowls, and polish). Other entries of interest include snuff boxes, reticules, hymnals, whips, ferrules, and curry combs. Quantities and prices are noted for each entry. The paper cover of this account book is elaborately hand lettered with the company's name and the date. 7.5 x .25 x 16.25 inches.

Record details

Material Type: account books

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Stock book of Henry K. Keith and Co., Feb. 1, 1860

GUSN: 193824