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Account book of Nathan Weston Jr., Maine, 1853-1856

Collection Name: Account books collection
Collection Code: MS002
Dates: 1853-1856
Physical Description: 1 account book (232 pages, 1 loose Christmas greeting card, 1 pressed lady fern)
Collection Type: Manuscripts
Description Level: Item
GUSN: 194114
Reference Code: MS002.061


Records fees for legal services under clients' names, occasionally with hometown. Attorney Weston appears to have been in the employ of Penobscot County while carrying on his private practice in east and central Maine, with at least one client in Boston and one railroad company.

Record details

Descriptive Terms: Christmas
Hodges, E.F.
Material Type: account books

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Account book of Nathan Weston Jr., Maine, 1853-1856

GUSN: 194114