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Churchill's History of the English-speaking peoples /arranged for one volume by Henry Steele Commager.

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History of the English-speaking peoples
History of the English-speaking peoples.
Churchill, Winston, 1874-1965.
Commager, Henry Steele, 1902-1998.
New York :
England's advance to world power. William of Orange -- Continental war -- The Spanish succession -- Marlborough: Blenheim and Ramillies -- Oudenarde and Malplaquet -- The Treaty of Utrecht -- The first British empire. The house of Hanover -- Sir Robert Walpole -- The American colonies -- The first world war -- The quarrel with America -- The War of Independence -- The United States -- The Indian Empire -- Napoleon. The American Constitution -- The younger Pitt -- Britain confronts the French Revolution -- Trafalgar -- The emperor of the French -- Washington, Adams, and Jefferson -- The war of 1812 -- Elba and Waterloo -- Recovery and reform. The victory peace -- Canning and the Duke -- Reform and free trade -- England and the Crimean War -- Palmerston -- The migration of the peoples-Canada and South Africa -- The migration of the peoples- Australia and New Zealand -- The great republic. American epic -- Slavery and sucession -- The union in danger -- The campaign against Richmond -- Lee and McClellan -- Chancellorsville and Gettysburg -- The victory of the Union -- The Victorian age. Gladstone and Disraeli -- American "Reconstruction" -- America as a world power -- Home rule for Ireland -- Lord Salisbury's government -- The end of the Victorian era.
The island race. Britannia -- Subjugation -- The Roman province -- The lost island -- England -- The Vikings -- Alfred the Great -- The Saxon dusk -- The making of the nation. The Norman invasion -- Growth amid turmoil -- Henry Plantagenet -- Coeur de Lion -- Magna Carta -- King Edward I and King Edward II -- The long-bow -- The black death -- The end of the feudal age. King Richard II and the social revolt -- The Empire of Henry V -- Joan of Arc -- The wars of the roses -- The adventures of Edward IV -- Richard III -- Renaissance and reformation. The round world -- The Tudor dynasty -- King Henry VIII -- Cardinal Wolsey -- The break with Rome -- The end of the monasteries -- The Protestant struggle -- Good Queen Bess -- The Spanish armada -- Gloriana -- The Civil War. The united crowns -- The Mayflower -- Charles I and Buckingham -- The personal rule -- The revolt of parliament -- The great rebellion -- Marston Moor and Naseby -- The axe falls -- The restoration. The English republic -- The lord protector -- The restoration -- The merry monarch -- The popish plot -- Whig and Tory -- The Catholic king -- The revolution of 1688.
1983, Ã1965.
Four volumes condensed into a single inclusive volume. Text is accompanied by more than 50 illustrations, maps and genealogical tables.
xiv, 475 pages, [36] pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Gift of Catherine Coolidge Lastavica
Includes index.
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CPT CPT-01-110.452
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Commonwealth countries
Commonwealth countries.
English-speaking countries
English-speaking countries.
Great Britain
Great Britain.