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Journal -- 1927

CC010.003.019 (RS230637)


Bound journal containing 428 pages, 51 of which are blank, which was prepared by Irving and Casson - A. H, Davenport Co. Journal contains handwritten records of sales orders from January 4, 1927 (order #300) through December 31, 1927 (order #17651). Not all numbers in the sequence are included. Information provided for each order may include any of the following: order number, date, customer name, object type, wood, other design notes, model number, and cabinet maker. Digital images of a selection of pages from the album are attached to this record.

Customer names in the journal include: A. M. Byers Co. (Pennsylvania); Gordon Abbott; William L. Adam; R. L. Agassiz; Dr. G. C. Ainsworth; J. Alcorn; E. B. Aldrich; Harding Allen; Mrs. S. Allen; American Railway Exp.; American Unitarian Association (Boston, MA); Oakes Ames; Mrs. Oliver Ames (North Easton, MA); Amherst College (Amherst, MA); Harcourt Amory; Mrs. Harold Amory; Mrs. J. A. Amory; A. Anderson; Miss A. R. Anthony; Miss M. E. Appleton; Dr. William Appleton; The Aspinouk Co. (Jewett City, CT); E. F. Atkins; Ruth Atkins; Margaret Atwood; Paul F. Avery; Miss M. P. Bacon; Frederick P. Bagley; J. Q. Bailey; David Baker; Dr. F. G. Balch; C. H. Baldwin; Charles P. Bancroft; Mrs. Philip Bard; Mrs. H. J. Barnet; Mrs. G. F. Barraclough; Mrs. Thomas Barraclough; Fred C. Bartlett; Miss M. F. Bartlett; Mrs. William Baylis; Ida G. Beal; Marcus Beebe; Mrs. George E. Belcher; Berger Dry Goods Co.; A. Q. Beyer; G. H. Binney; H. P. Binney; Charles S. Bird (East Walpole, MA); Milton H. Bird; Mrs. W. Bixby; Mrs. Kenneth D. Blackfan; Mrs. Emmons Blaine; George R. Blinn; George F. Blount; Bodell & Co.; H. L. Bolton; William Stone Booth; Boston & Maine Railroad; Boston Art Club (Boston, MA); Boston Consolidated Gas Co. (Boston, MA); Boston Five Cents Savings (Boston, MA); F. P. Bowden; Mrs. F. T. Bradbury; H. G. Bradlee; Thomas S. Bradlee; Edward M. Bradley; D. D. Brayton; H. H. Brayton; F. P. Bremer; Edith G. Briggs; Ebner Bright; Allen Brooks; William W. Brooks; Catherine Brown; E. P. Brown (Newton, MA); George I. Brown; Mrs. Harold Brown (Newport, RI); John N. Brown (Providence, RI); Brown University, Women's College (Providence, RI); H. Bryant; Bureau of Charities; F. J. Burnham; W. A. Burnham; J. E. Burns; J. A. Butler; Caldwell Furniture Co.; Cambridge Gas Light Co. (Cambridge, MA); Cambridge Lodge of Elks (Cambridge, MA); J. M. Cameron; Pauline Campbell; Dr. Fred S. Canedy; Carl H. Skinner Inc. (Boston, MA); Carnegie Steel Co. (Pittsburgh, PA); Paul Carpenter; Mrs. Samue l Carr; Carson, Pirie Scott & Co. (Chicago, IL); George E. Carter; Nellie P. Carter (Boston, MA); R. L. Carter Co.; Robert Casson (Newton Centre, MA); E. M. Chalfant; Chandler & Co.; Percy Chase; W. M. Chase; Christ Church (Cranbrook, MI); Adams Claflin; B. P. C. Clapp; Mrs. E. Heath Clark; Paul Clark (Brookline, MA); F. S. Cleghorn; T. J. Clexton; Mrs. S. C. Cochrane; George I. Cohen; A. K. Comins; A. L. Congdon; L. H. Connor; Convent of the Immaculate Conception; C. C. Converse; E. W. Coolidge; John C. Coolidge; Mrs. H. D. Cooper; W. R. Cordingly; F. A. Countway; Mrs. J. A. Cousens; L. R. G. Crandon (Boston, MA); Mrs. Winthrop M. Crane, Jr.; Maj. W. C. Crane; Miss A. Crimmins; Bigelow Crocker; Edgar Crocker; Mrs. W. L. Crocker; Walton Crocker; M. P. Crossman; Mary Louise Crowell; E. A. Crozier; E. G. Cummings; H. M. Cummings; Alan Cunningham; J. M. Curley; Mrs. Allen Curtis (Beverly Farms, MA); Mrs. H. G. Curtis; Lawrence Curtis; Elton G. Cushman (Taunton, MA); John C. Cushman; Robert A. Cushman; Mrs. H. G. Cutler; Mrs. G. B. Dabney; Mrs. Walter Dabney; C. P. Dadson; Frank T. Daniels; Mrs. A. O. Davis; Charles Davis (Wenham, MA); Samuel C. Davis; Deaconess Hospital (Boston, MA); Dedham Public Library (Dedham, MA); M. D. Demmon; J. S. Derby; Dr. Franklin Dexter; Miss R. L. Dexter; M. H. Dibbler; N. S. Dillingham; Marson & Stebbins Dolan; June R. Donnelly; Mary J. Donnelly (Newton, MA); Mrs. A. F. Donovan; A. W. Donovan (Quincy, MA); W. L. Douglas; R. A. Dowd; Mrs. J. Sumner Draper; John Duff; H. B. Dugan; F. C. Dumaine; P. R. Dunbar; A. G. Duncan; W. E. Dunning; Durgin Park & Co. (Boston, MA); M. T. Eager; Mrs. C. W. Eaton; Mrs. W. S. Eaton; G. W. Eddy; R. D. Edwards; Ludwig Eisemann; C. G. Ellis; Eben H. Ellison; Mrs. Edward D. Emerson; Mrs. E. Endicott; H. Wendell Endicott; Mrs. Henry B. Endicott (Dedham, MA); W. C. Endicott; E. Engstrom; Mrs. R. Engstrom (Lexington, MA); Mrs. A. W. Erickson; W. R. Evans Jr.; W. R. Evans; Walter M. Evath; F. A. Hinds & Son; F. K night & Sons; F. Schumacher & Co.; Thomas H. Fahey; Stephen Fairbanks; Dr. J. W. Farlow; William Farnsworth; C. S. Farquhar; H. M. Farrar; R. I. Farrington; S. P. Fay; W. B. Fay; E. Fiebelman; C. B. Finney; First German Evangelical Lutheran Church (Pittsburgh, PA); First National Bank (North Carolina); First National Bank of Boston (Boston, MA); Fishers Island Corp. (Fishers Island, NY); Mrs. E. C. Fitch; R. H. Fitz; H. H. Flagler (New York, NY); Mrs. A. C. Flamman; Rev. J. J. Fletcher; E. D. Floyd; Fogg Museum (Cambridge, MA); A. W. Foley; A. H. Forbes; H. H. Forbes; J. D. Forsyth; R. Foster; John Fox; Horace Frazer; Miss K. French; Dr. L. V. Friedman; Friends Meeting House; E. B. Frye; Fuller & Cranston; H. W. Gades; A.E. Gale; William Gammell (Newport, RI); R. T. Gardiner; George F. Fuller Co.; The Georgian; P. Gilbert; H. H. Gilman; G. L. Gilmore; L. G. Glazier; Mrs. E. Goldman; Walter Goodenough; F. Goodwin; Thomas Gorham; F. M. Goss; A. Y. Gowen; Graham Paper Co.; J. T. Graham; R. V. Grandison; A. W. Grau; H. Gray; L. H. Greenwood (Gardner, MA); Mrs. S. E. Guild, Jr.; G. Guiler; Samuel Haar; Frederick G. Hall; G. A. Hall; E. W. D. Hamilton; Mrs. J. C. Hamlen; Hampshire Craftsmen; A. Murrray Hancock (Franklin, NH); J. C. Hannon; C. E. Hanscom; H. R. Hardwick; J. E. Harlow; Harvard University, Widener Library (Cambridge, MA); J. Harvey; William Haugaard; H. T. Hayward; F. H. Heald; Mrs. J. N. Heald; S. E. Hecht; Herbert's Catering Co.; Mrs. R. F. Herrick (Boston, MA); Hicks Gallery; John J. Hicks; George K. Higgins; Roger Higgins; C. C. Hill; Mrs. F. H. Hiscock; Charles Hodgson; Hodgson Kennard & Co. (Boston, MA); John M. Hodgson; E. S. Holbrook; H. Holland; Carlyle Holt; Ernest Homes; Mrs. Harry P. Hood; William Hooper; Roland G. Hopkins; S. C. Hopkins; Hotel Brunswick (Boston, MA); Hotel Elton; R. M. Houghton; R. F. Hoyt (Marion, MA); Mrs. Gorham Hubbard; M. T. Hudner; Florence M. Humphrey; Henry S. Hunnewell; W. D. Hunt; Harry H. Hunter; Hutchins & French ; Ed ward W. Hutchins; Franklin Hutchins; J. H. Hutchins; Rev. N. Hutton; D. A. Ingraham; Edward Ingraham; Arthur P. Irving; Mrs. Charles R. Irving; Mrs. H. W. Ittmann; J. & J. Kohn Mundus, Inc.; J. P. Meade Co.; J. R. Whipple Corp. (Boston, MA); Dr. D. L. Jackson; Jackson, Robertson & Adams (Providence, RI); Henry James; Mrs. Cyril Janes; Paul Janes; F. Jay; S. Herbert Jencks; Mrs. Charles Jenney; E. B. Jennings; Mrs. E. J. Johnson; Murdock M. Johnson; R. Johnson; T. J. A. Johnson; M. E. Johnston; Dr. J. C. Jones; Jordan Marsh Co. (Boston, MA); I. E. Jowett; Pearl Katz; N. H. Kellogg; E. P. Kennedy; Mrs. James T. Kenney; T. Kenney; G. R. S. Killam; Otis Kimball; J. E. King; S. G. King; C. P. Knight; Knox College; Mrs. H. M. Kromer; Dr. S. Kunsky; William F. Kussin; L'Union St. Jean Baptiste; W. S. Ladd; Enoch I. Lahty; H. V. Lang; Helen Langdon; W. Langdon; John Lawson; Dr. G. A. Leahey; Peter M. Leavitt; Mrs. F. Lee; J. H. Lemon; James Leverant; Mrs. M. Levy; Burnham Lewis; Mrs. C. H. Lewis; William H. Lewis; Mrs. A. Lincoln; D. W. Lincoln; Lloyd's Agency; Mrs. Mathew Lohti; H. V. Long; Alfred Lee Loomis (Tuxedo Park, NY); H. R. Loring; Rayden Loring; A. L. Lowell; Ludlow Manufacturing Co. (Ludlow, MA); H. M. Luscomb; Alfred L. Lustig; Mabel Lyman; J. H. Lynch; Henry S. Lyons; John A. Lyons; Maginnis & Walsh (Boston, MA); Charles O. Maginnis (Brookline, MA); J. B. Mahoney; Makanna Shaps; A. C. Manchester; George S. Mandell; Mrs. C. B. Manning; Marble & Shattuck Chair Co. (Cleveland, OH); A. H. Marchant; Marland Refining Co. (Ponca City, OK); Ernest Whitworth Marland (Ponca City, OK); Rev. Harold Marshall; F. S. Moseley; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA); Mayers Murray & Phillips; W. B. McCall; Mrs. Stanley McCormick; L. S. McCreary; Donald McDermott; R. F. McElwain; Mary McGann; H. McGinley; Mrs. M. L. McGrath; John McGuire; Mrs. L. G. McMichael; Mrs. G. N. McMillan; Mrs. A. B. McNairy; Florence M. McPhee; W. G. McRea; J. C. Melvin; F. B. Merr ick; O. H. Merrick; F. A. Merrill (Brookline, MA); F. M. Merrill; Sherborn M. Merrill; Mrs. John C. Meyer; Miss M. O. Miller; Miller-Reed Co. (New York, NY); N. F. Milne; Richard Mitton; E. B. Moore; Mrs. W. H. Moore; E. D. Morgan; William F. Morgan; John Morrison; J. H. Morse; Rev. William I. Morse; Mosaic Tile Co.; H. C. Murdock; L. B. Murdock; Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.; National Refrigerating Co.; New England Telephone & Telegraph (Boston, MA); New Hampshire Savings Bank; Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank (Newburyport, MA); Charles A. Newhall; Rev. C. O. Nichols; E. D. Nichols; F. W. Nichols; W. H. Nichols (Oyster Bay, NY); S. M. Noonan; Mrs. William H. Norris; Noyes Buick Co. (Boston, MA); C. P. Nutting; Mrs. C. C. Odlin (Exeter, NH); Mrs. H. W. Ogden (Brookline, MA); F. A. Ordway; E. F. O'Rourke; Oxford Club; Paine Webber & Co.; Mrs. R. E. Paine; W. A. Paine; Dudley B. Palmer; D. E. Paris; B. W. Parker; Mrs. J. A. Parker; Parker, Thomas & Rice (Boston, MA); H. Parkman; F. R. Parks; E. M. Parsons; Chester Patten; F. G. Patterson; Mrs. E. Peabody; Mrs. William Y. Peters; Rev. J. B. Peterson; R. V. H. Philbrook; E. S. J. Phillips; E. R. Pierce; R. H. Piranian; Mrs. Collier Platt; Mrs. J. K. Plummer; Plymouth Cordage Co. (Plymouth, MA); A. H. Poland; Mrs. R. L. Pope; Pope-Brooks Foundation; Mrs. M. A. Potter; J. W. Powell; Mrs. B. H. Pratt; Presbyterian Church (Glen Falls, N.Y.); Mrs. A. W. Preston; Princeton University (Princeton, NJ); Thomas E. Proctor; Quincy Masonic Building Association (Quincy, MA); R. M. Grant Co.; Radcliffe College (Cambridge, MA); Roessler Hasslacher Chemical Co.; J. W. Ramsay; Mrs. J. F. Randolph; N. Rantoul; J. Stanley Reeve; Mrs. Robert J. Reilly; Mrs. F. W. Remick; William Reuter; P. K. Reynolds; Mrs. S. C. Rice; S. N. Rice; Mrs. Henry Rich; Mrs. R. J. Richards; Charles F. Richardson; George W. Richardson; Dr. W. L. Richardson; Charles T. Richmond; H. G. Jr. Ripley; Ritz Carlton Hotel (Boston, MA); H. Robb; Edward D. Robbins; Mrs. Dwight P. Robinson (Chestnut Hill, MA); John D. Rockefeller; R. K. Rogers; Dr. William Rollins (Boston, MA); Rorimer Brooks Studio Co. (Cleveland, OH); H. A. Rueter (Jamaica Plain, MA); F. S. Ruth (Mountain Lake, FL); J. Rutherford; Miss E. Sachs; A. T. Safford; William H. Sage (Albany, NY); Dr. P. L. Salzberg; Gertrude Sampson; Joseph Samuels (Providence, RI); J. V. Santry; Miss M. C. Sawyer; Mary T. Sawyer; Frederic Schaeffer; Garrett Schenck; George F. Schrafft; Mrs. T. L. Schurmier; Miss H. G. Scott; Miss C. E. Sears; F. R. Sears; Mrs. K. W. Sears; Francis W. Sever; W. D. Sewall; Mrs. M. Sharaf; E. D. Sharpe; Mrs. A. H. Shaw; Francis Shaw; H. H. Shaw; F. A. Sheffray; Henry Shreve; C. D. Sias; W. C. Sills; H. K. Simonds; Henry Davis Sleeper (Boston, MA); C. W. Smith; Charles L. Smith; F. Smith; George A. Smith; Helen Smith; E. L. Snider; J. Solomon; R. H. Spaulding; J. C. Spring; Mrs. C. P. Squires; St. Lawrence University; St. Margaret's Convent (Philadelphia, PA); St. Mary's Church; St. Michael's Convent; St. Patrick's Cathedral (New York, NY); St. Thomas Church Chapel; F. D. Stackpole; Harry M. Stanford; Stanley Wires Co. (Boston, MA); Mrs. C. M. Starrett; State Street Trust Company (Boston, MA); Dr. A. W. Stearns; Fletcher Steele; Mrs. O. J. Steele; Paul Steinbrecher; Mrs. E. R. Stevens; Mrs. G. Stevenson; Duncan M. Stewart; Stiles Furniture Co. (Boston, MA); H. F. Stimpson (Chestnut Hill, MA); C. F. Stodder; David F. Stone; Edward C. Stone; Galen L. Stone (Marion, MA); Miss E. W. Storer; R. H. Storer; Palmer & Dodge Thorndike Storey (Boston, MA); Mrs. R. C. Story; F. H. Stuart (Newton Centre, MA); R. T. Stuart; Oscar C. Styles; E. Sutcliffe; William P. Sutton (Cambridge, MA); P. H. Sylvester; Dr. J. R. Taylor; Paul H. Taylor; R. W. Taylor; D. G. Tenney; Mrs. Ward Tharon; Charles N. Thayer; Mrs. F. H. Thayer; Theta Delta Chi; E. B. Thomas; L.R. Thomason; A. A. Thorndike; Mary Tileston; E. M. Tower; A. M. Tozzer; Morton C. Treadway; Trinity Church (Lenox, MA ); Trinity Evangel ical L utheran Church (Schenectady, NY); Mrs. John Tuck; L. Tufts; A. J. Tullock; T. H. Twigg; Union B. Twitchell; C. H. Tyler; George Tyson; W. J. Underwood; W. O. Underwood; Unity Church; W. G. Reynolds Co.; A. T. Walker; A. W. Walker (Malden, MA); E. W. Ward; R. L. Warner (Concord, MA); George E. Warren (Manchester, MA); Washington State Legislative Building (Olympia, WA); Lester Watson; F. S. Weatherby; L. J. Webster; Mrs. E. A. Weeks; Dr. Benjamin Weiss; F. C. Welch; Mrs. Mary A. Welch; C. G. Weld; M. Weld; L. A. Wells; Webster Wells; Dorothy Wetherald; E. L. White; Mrs. J. H. White; Mrs. L. Q. White; Z. L. White; Whiting & Davis; C. A. Whiting; David Whiting; Mrs. E. P. Whitney; Miss G. Whittemore; Harris Whittemore; Mrs. P. W. Whittemore; Ross Whittier; Norton Wigglesworth; Benjamin Wilcox; T. G. Wilder; Williams Inn; Dr. Francis H. Williams; Winchester Country Club (Winchester, MA); C. M. Winslow; Woburn Cooperative Bank (Woburn, MA); Wolff Bros.; E. A. Wood; O. L. Wood; Mrs. Thomas S. Wood; C. P. Woodworth; S. C. Woodworth; Woonsocket Inst. for Saving (Woonsocket, RI); Worcester Art Museum (Worcester, MA); Mrs. Philip W. Wrenn; Mrs. M. Wright; F. R. Wuslin; Mrs. Pope Yeatman; and P. S. Yerxa.

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Collection Name
Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I
Collection Code
Date of Acquisition
Physical Description
1 bound journal containing 428 pages and approximately 1,750 entries (13 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches)
13 3/4x 8 3/4 (HxW) (inches)
13 3/4x 8 3/4x 1 1/2(HxWxD) (inches)
Collection Type
Corporate Records
Description Level
Additional Identification Number
Strong Museum number: 228.19
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Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co.
Descriptive Terms
journals (accounts)
Material Type
journals (accounts)