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Subseries G. Photo albums, undated (#6.1-6.6) contains photo albums marked Pierce 1-5 and contain tintypes, jeweltypes, cabinet cards, and cartes de visite of family members, friends, and celebrities.

Pierce 1 album (#6.1) is a miniature tintype of jeweltype album that is half-full. It includes photographs with the following identifications: Aunt Lizzie Beale, Florence Pierce Ross, Louise Emerson, John Davis, John Clevesley (?), Lulu, George Francis Pierce.

Pierce 2 album (#6.2) is a brown leather album with albumen photos, and tintypes of family and some celebrities. It includes photographs with the following identifications: Uncle Brewster, "Uncle Brewster's mother", Joseph Thompson, Cousin Lucy Thompson, Cousin Alvin, Aunt Elizabeth Pierce, Nellie Sampson Maynard Worcester, Aunt Emily, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb, Commodore and Mrs. Nutt, and Maggie Mitchell.

Pierce 3 album (#6.3) is an album of cabinet views of celebrities. A c. 1937 news clipping pinned to the front flyleaf features a photo of Ann Harding. This album includes photographs with the following identifications: Charles Dickens, F. S. Chanfrow (?), Mrs. Chanfrow, Annie Clark, Kitty Blanchard, Fechiter, Miss Leeclerqus (?), Edwin Booth, Forte, Kate Bateman, Maggie Mitchell, Charlotte Cushman, Edwin Forest, Frederic Robinson, Charles R. Thorne, Mrs. Thomas Barry, Barmaly and Georgie Cavan, Parepa and Cearl (?) Rosa, Carl Jerahn, ---- Patti, Adelaide (?) Phillips, Mrs. Barry Williams, William Florence, Mlle. Nillson, Conway Sisters, Rose Skerrit, Mrs. Vincent, Ole Bull, Clara Louise Kellogg, Joseph Jefferson, Mrs. Scott Siddon (?) Ristoni, Harry Murdock, Stuart Robinson, Mrs. Harris, Wallack, Manny Davenport, Frothingham as Dick Deadeye, Pauline Hall.

Pierce 4 album (#6.4) includes cartes de visite and jeweltypes and is inscribed Lewis F. Pierce. This album includes photographs with the following identifications: Aunt Withington, Lewis F. Pierce, Melissa Withington Pierce, George Francis Pierce, Almira N. Haven Pierce, William A. Pierce, Mary Haskell, Charles P. Poole, Marietta Pierce Poole, Frankie Poole, Arthur Poole, Mabel Poole, "Children of Marian Harland (Mrs. Terhune)," Mr. Garfield, Mrs. Garfield, Rev. E. P. Terhune, Mrs. Terhune (Marian Harland), Mr. Hinkley, Marianna Hinckley, Mr. Harmon, Belle Harmon, William Haven, Almira Haven Pierce and Frankie Pierce, Rebecca Holden, Emily H. Brewster, Lottie Poole, Mrs. Haskell, Susie Haskell, Mr. Jenks, Annie Harmon

Pierce 5 album (#6.5) includes cartes de visite of family members and friends. Identified photographs include: "Grandma Read" (Antoinette Reed Pierce's mother), Uncle Washington Allen, Aunt Margaret Allen, William A. Pierce, Antoinette Reed Pierce, Fred Allen, Cora Allen, ------ Allen, Maud Allen, Aunt Eva and Dolly, Uncle Alvin, Lucy Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Dr. Crosier, Louise Crosier, Lottie Poole, Aunt Mira (Almira Haven Pierce), Aunt Emily, and Addie Eveleth (?).

Pierce 6 album (#6.6) is an album of cabinet views and cartes de visit. None of the photographs is identified.

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Pierce family papers
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Photograph albums (6 items)
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photograph albums

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