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Coffin family: other Coffin family papers


Series XVII, Coffin family: other Coffin family papers, 1666-1987, undated (#C.2.40-C.2.50, OB.1.12), contains genealogical material including a hand-written Coffin family genealogy compiled by Lucy Coffin (1811-1893); a collection of calling/visiting cards; financial records and legal documents relating to the town of Newbury in Massachusetts, which include account books, account sheets, correspondence, document fragments, land deeds, lists, receipts, and records regarding the town church and town school; legal documents referring to the estate of Henry Smith and a court case between William Squire and John Seymore; a hand-written manuscript regarding abolitionist John Brown's (1800-1859) views on slavery, composed while Brown "was awaiting the execution of his sentence" (presumably the manuscript is a transcription of Brown's original work) (see #C.1.28 for related material); a few postcards with scenes from Duxbury, Newbury, and Newburyport in Massachusetts (including the Coffin House); a 1939 calendar for the month of August from the First and Ocean National Bank in Newburyport, Massachusetts; and papers regarding the "Siamese Twins," Chang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874) and their relationship with the family of Abel Coffin (1792-1837) and Susan (Hale) Coffin (1792-1837). The papers regarding the "Siamese Twins" include an agreement signed by Susan (Hale) Coffin (1792-1837) relating to the care of and funding for the brothers while in the United States; a 1933 New Yorker article on the twins; and letters of inquiry relating to the twins. The series is arranged alphabetically by record type, then by topic and/or chronologically.

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Collection Name
Coffin family papers
Collection Code
1666-1987, undated
Date of Acquisition
Physical Description
Family papers (1 carton, 1 oversize folders)
Collection Type
Description Level
Reference Code

Record details

Material Type
family papers
Location Note
Folders C.2.40-C.2.50, OB.1.12

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