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Fashion Book Scrapbook

MS004.048 (RS182824)


This three-inch thick scrapbook contains hundreds of clippings of images of ladies' fashions kept between 1831 and 1881 by Mrs. Lynde Walter (between 1830 and 1848) and her granddaughter Elise Richards (between 1848 and 1881). The album represents a contemporary record of high fashion over the course of 50 years.

The clippings were taken from the ladies' publications of the day such as "Leslie's Ladies Magazine," "Le Bon Ton," and "Ladies National Magazine." Many of the entries are described as the latest fashions from Paris. Often, these clippings are layered in tiers on the scrapbook page, and most of the later ones are tinted in bright, tastefully selected colors. Also included on many of the pages are cutouts of accessories such as hats, bonnets and trimmings.

Occasionally, costumes for men and children are also included. Some special occasion styles were for weddings and balls. In almost all of the poses, background scenery, decor, furniture, drapes, mantels, mirrors and sometimes landscapes are also sketched in, giving the scrapbook added interest for researchers. How ladies passed their time is also reflected in the clothes pictured, as some were designed specially for walking, hunting, visiting, for balls, weddings, and so on.

Other entries in the album include a folded pattern for an embroidered tunic, a catalog of coat styles, and some images of "Ancient Buildings in Boston."

The inside cover carries the inscription "From the Estate of Miss Elise B. Richards, 2 Marlborough St., Boston through her cousin Robert Walcott, 15 Feb., 1933".

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Collection Name
Scrapbooks collection
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Physical Description
One scrapbook; 8 x 13 inches
Collection Type
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Credit Line
From the Estate of Miss Elise B. Richards, 2 Marlborough St., Boston through her cousin Robert Walcott, 15 Feb., 1933
Reference Code

Record details

Richards, Elise, Miss (Compiler)
Walter, Lynde, Mrs. (Compiler)
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