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Tales from "Blackwood" [In twelve volumes]

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Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine.
Edinburgh and London, Blackwood
(cont.) III-IV. A reading party in the long vacation.-Father Tom and the pope [by Sir S. Ferguson]-La petite Madelaine, by Mrs. [C. A.] Southey.-Bob Durke's duel with Ensign Brady, by W. Maginn.-The headsman: a tale of doom.- The wearyful woman, by J. Galt.- How I stood for the Dreepdaily burghs, by [W. E.] Aytoun.- First and last, by W. Mudford.-The duke's dilemma: a chronicle of Niesenstein.-The old gentleman's teetotum.- "Woe to us when we lose the watery wall."-My college friends; Charles Russell, the gentleman commoner.- The magic lay of the one-horse chay, by J. Hughes.
(cont.) IX-X. Rosaura: a tale of Madrid.-Adventure in the North-west territory.-Harry Bolton's curacy.-The Florida pirate.-The pandour and his princess.-The beauty draught.-Antonio di Carara.-The fatal repast.-The vision of Cagliostro [by W. C. Kent]-The first and last kiss.-The smuggler's leap [by F. Hardman]-The haunted and the haunters.-The duellists.
(cont.) V-VI. Adventures in Texas [abridged from the German of Sealsfield, by F. Hardman]-How we got possession of the tuileries, by [W. E.] Aytoun.-Captain Paton's lament, by J. G. Lockhart.-The village doctor, by [S.] D'Arbouville.-A singular letter from southern Africa, by the Ettrick shepherd [J. Hogg]-my friend the Dutchman, by F. Hartman.-my college friends, no. II: Horace Leicester.-The Emerald studs, by [W. E.] Aytoun.-My college friends, no. III: Mr. W. Wellington Hurst.-Christine: a Dutch story, by F. Hardman.-The man in the bell.
(cont.) VII-VIII. My English acquaintance, by F. Hardman.- The murderer's last night, by T. Doubleday.-Narration of certain uncommon things that did formerly happen to me, Herbert Willis. B. D.-The wags.- The wet wooing: a narrative of '98.- Ben-na-groich.-The surveyor's tale, by [W. E.] Aytoun.-The Forrest-race romance.-Di Vasari: a tale of Florence, by C. Edwards.-Sigismund Gatello.-The boxes.
(cont.) XI-XII. The Natolian story-teller.-The first and last crime.-John Rintoul.-Major Moss [by F. Hardman]-The premier and his wife.-Tickler among the thieves!-The bridegroom of Barna.-The involuntary experimentalist.-Lebrun's lawsuit.-The snowing-up of Strath Lugas.-A few words on social philosophy.
I-II. The Glenmutchkin railway, by [W. e.] Aytoun.-Vanderdecken's message home.-The floating beacon.-Colonna the painter.-Napoleon, by J. G. Lockhart.-A legend of Gibraltar, by E. b. Haley.-The iron shroud, by W. Mudford.- Lazaro's legacy, by E. B. Hamley.- A story without a tale.[by W. Maginn]-Faustus and Queen Elizabeth.-How I became a yeoman, by [W. e.] Aytoun.-Devereux hall, by Mrs. [C. A.] Southey.-The metempsychosis, by R. Macnish.- College theatricals.-
12 v. 17 cm.
Moved from PHI Carriage House to 3rd floor back hall, c. 1992. Moved to Haverhill storage, July, 2007.
Volume I contains volumes 1 and 2. Volume II contains volumes 3 and 4. Volume V contains volumes 9 and 10. Volume VI contains volumes 11 and 12.
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PHI PZ1.B57 V. I
PHI PZ1.B57 V. V
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Short stories.