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The food axis :cooking, eating, and the architecture of American houses /Elizabeth Collins Cromley.

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Cromley, Elizabeth C.
Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press
The one-room house and the emergence of function-specific spaces, 1600-1750 -- Developments in space and technology, 1750-1850 -- National unity, regional diversity, 1850-1900 -- Efficient space, electric power, 1900-1940 -- Food spaces in the modern style, 1940-1975 -- All spaces are potential food spaces, 1975-2010.
Beginning with the earliestùand relatively simpleùhouses, Cromley traces changes in food spaces through the years, noting a steady escalation in the number of food-related rooms. Along the way, she considers multiple circumstances that shed light on this evolution, including the role of gender in determining food-space design, the relation of food spaces to nature, and the telling ways in which people and food circulate through kitchens and dining rooms. Because Cromley is interested not only in how designed spaces look but how they are used, she cites a wealth of primary sourcesùautobiographies, travel journals, household diaries, letters, inventoriesùin her exploration of the habits surrounding all aspects of food in the home. --Book Jacket.
Blending architectural and social history with the necessityùand the passionùfor food, this engaging new book attempts to understand the development of the American house by viewing it through one very specific lens: the food axis. Taking in far more than the kitchen, author Elizabeth Collins Cromley explores all areas of food management within the homeùpreparation, cooking, consumption, and disposal. Her food axis implies a network of related spaces above and below ground, both attached to the house and separate from it. Studying the use and interaction of these spaces, and the ways in which their components change (often radically) over time, the author shows how these elements have helped shape the multiple forms of residential architecture in the United States, from the first settlement period to the present.
viii, 269 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Received 2011, T187.1.
0813930073 (cloth : alk. paper)
9780813930077 (cloth : alk. paper)
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Coll. NA7205.C76 2010 c. 2
Stacks NA7205.C76 2010 c. 1
Descriptive terms
Architecture and society
Architecture, Domestic Social aspects
Domestic space
Food habits
United States.