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Dillaway House, Roxbury, Mass., 1932


This large collection of architectural drawings includes the following, which are ink on vellum unless otherwise noted:

3 plot plans, which include 2 of house, school and lot, Schemes A and B (drawn in pencil) and 1 of the house with ink and pencil noations 1/12" scale. Floor plans for the first, seccond, and attic floors and elevations of all sides. A plan of roof framing and cross section, floor levels measured 1/4" scale and a roof section and dormer window, floor levels measured 3/4" scale. A series of basement plans, showing framing, council room, lavatories, and plumbing. Floor plans for first, second and attic floors and elevations of all sides with restoration notes. Old ell plans and elevations with restoration notes.

Three drawings are related to the basement, including heating and plumbing plans and details, lavatory wall elevations and stair details, and lavatory wall section and elevation. Four drawings are related to the gateway, including two restoration perspectives and two plans and elevations (one unfinished). A series of fourteen illustrations of interior details include elevations of the paneled south west room and details of its windows and fireplace; elevations of the paneled south east rooms and details of its fireplaces; plans and elevations of fireplace and baking oven, elevations of fireplaces, windows, stairways, stairwells, mantels and kitchen details. A series of twelve exterior details includes elevations and details of the entrance porch and front door, elevations and details of the west vestibule, and details of principal windows, east gable windows, dormer and rear windows.Six drawings related to the service elle include details of the doorway, windows, cornices and gutters as well as an attic plan.

This collection also includes a large set of blueprints further documenting the plans, elevations, and details described above.

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Collection Name
Frank Chouteau Brown professional architectural collection
Collection Code
Physical Description
1 set of 98 architectural drawings
Collection Type
Architectural and Cartographic Materials
Description Level
Reference Code

Historical/Biographical Note

The Dillaway house (also known as the Dillaway-Thomas House) was built in 1750 to serve as the parsonage for the First Church of Roxbury. In 1775 it served as the headquarters for general John Thomas and the Continental Army during the seige of Boston.

Record details

Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947 (Delineator)
Descriptive Terms
attics (interior spaces)
ells (building divisions)
interior elevations
plumbing plans
restoration (process)
Material Type
architectural drawings (visual works)
blueprints (reprographic copies)
detail drawings (drawings)
elevations (building divisions)
floor plans
sections (orthographic projections)
Roxbury (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Places (Buildings)
Dillaway-Thomas House (Roxbury, Mass.)
Location Note
Vertical file 3; drawer 13; folder 10

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