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Set of architectural drawings of the Thomas Dreier House, Winchester, Mass., 1924

AR003.003.002 (RS131879)


This set of architectural drawings for the Thomas Dreier Estate in Winchester, Massachusetts includes the following drawings: 1) Portion of Thos. Dreier Estate ... showing brick walls etc., black ink with red line on vellum2) Brick and iron enclosing fence for Thos. Dreier Estate (driveway, plan at driveway, ironwork section before house, wall before croquet lawn, street side wall before croquet lawn), pen and ink on vellum3) Brick and iron enclosing fence for Thos. Dreier Estate (study terrace wall, sun room terrace wall, treatment fish boundary line, fence between croquet, Bernard boundary line), pen and ink on vellum4) Brick and iron enclosing fence for Thos. Dreier Estate (lower side wall to croquet terrace, detail of shrine, gate posts, f-levelation), pen and ink on vellum5) Brick and iron enclosing fence for Thos. Dreier (inside elevation toward croquet lawn, side to Curtis Circle), pen and ink on vellum6) Detail of table in chestnut for Mrs. Dreier, Winchester Mass., pen and ink on vellum7) Landscape and basement plan, black on white print8) and 8a) 1st floor plan, black on white print9) and 9a) 2nd floor plan, black on white print10) The clients staircase to the study of Thos. Dreier, black on white print11) Front perspective, black and white print12) Side perspective, black on white print

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Collection Name
Frank Chouteau Brown professional architectural collection
Collection Code
Date of Acquisition
ca. 1948
Physical Description
17 architectural drawings
Collection Type
Architectural and Cartographic Materials
Description Level
Reference Code

Record details

Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947 (Architect)
Descriptive Terms
estates (property)
landscapes (environments)
Material Type
architectural drawings (visual works)
detail drawings (drawings)
floor plans
perspective views
Winchester (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
Places (Buildings)
Thomas Dreier House (Winchester, Mass.)
Location of house: Curtis Circle, Winchester, Massachusetts.
Location Note
Vertical file 3; drawer 15; folder 5